AFRICAUSE Wellbeing School Program

Welcome to "Africause Wellbeing Program," an exciting and enriching 6-week program specially designed for secondary students. This program is a unique exploration of well-being, diversity, inclusivity, and leadership through the vibrant and diverse cultures of Africa. Our aim is to not only foster personal growth but also to instill a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of African traditions, values, and contributions to their educational community.

This condensed program allows secondary students to experience key concepts related to well-being, diversity, inclusivity, leadership, and empowerment within a shorter timeframe while still maintaining a rich and meaningful learning experience. Please contact our Youth programs Manager via email Keletso Niebling

Awareness - African Cultures
Foster Inclusivity - Ubuntu Philosoph
Respect Diversity - African Languages
Inclusive Education - Education in Africa
Cultural Competence - African Art and Crafts
Advocacy for Equity - Nelson Mandela's Legacy
Unite for Leadership - African Leaders
Social Responsibility - African Proverbs
Empowerment - African Innovations