The education and development of African-Australian youth are important priorities for the government. By implementing targeted initiatives, we can improve their engagement in education and enhance their learning outcomes. This article focuses on two key initiatives: Homework Clubs and Sports Programs, as well as Africause family support initiatives, which encourage out-of-school studying.

Homework Clubs and Sports Programs enhance engagement of African-Australian young people in education and improve learning outcomes. Africause family support initiatives encourage students to study out-of-school hours

After-school learning-focused activity for students from non-English speaking backgrounds supports school engagement

Family engagement in student learning supports engagement of African-Australian young people in education

The Africause after school support program. To give students a place to study. In A helpful and supportive environment

The homework club runs Tuesday 5pm to 7pm at office 3 120 Racecourse Road Flemington. For more information contact by email on or call the office on 03 9042 1604.