At Africause, we believe in supporting  African students to achieve their best. . We specifically focus on providing support to African students who require assistance. We’ve already witnessed cases of students who went from participating for less than 5 minutes a day to becoming engaged in school, just like their peers. We recognise the need for desired outcome for the student to stay in school we need to collaborate with both school leadership and family. This is critical in ensuring open communication and strategies shared across the board. The students receiving consistent expectations from all those involved in their learning.

We offer three programs designed to assist kids who are at risk of dropping out or are disengaged.

  1. Africause Wellness Program
  2. Mentoring
  3. After-school Program
  4. in-school mentoring



Keletso Niebling

Kel Niebling holds a Masters in Educational Leadership Queensland University Technology, Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Deakin University, and Diploma in Community Services from CMC Training at Work.

Born in South Africa, Kel migrated to Australia 1999 working extensively in Early Childhood Education Leadership. Kel has held roles ranging from School Liaison Manager, Youth and Kids program leader, kindergarten teacher, preschool music teacher and childcare director for over twenty years.

During this time Kel has also applied her lived experience and professional skills to voluntarily work with African youths and parents as community engagement leader, coach and mentor and is Africause Board Secretary.

Kel’s significant professional education experience and qualifications, coupled with ability to rapidly build trust through her deep lived experience of culturally and linguistic diversity enables the creation of lasting positive connections and outcomes with education sectors, community, and disengaged youths.

Many Thanks,