Ms Lorelle Said

Employment Program Advisor (Volunteer)

Lorelle Said brings 25 years’ experience as Human Resources (HR) Generalist with a track record of partnering C Suite over the last 12 years.  As a trusted business partner and thought leader, Lorelle enables measurable return on HR investment across blue-chip corporates including Qantas, NAB, Telstra and the Community Sector including Africause, Youth Activating Youth and Spectrum

Lorelle is motivated by building capability and mutual learning networks across disadvantaged, culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, industry and government.  Recent, personal highlights include, enabling full employment for 1:3 CALD community members at Transdev in partnership with African-Australian community organisations, over a 12 month period, amid COVID 19.

Lorelle incorporates a working knowledge of employment legislation, mainstream HR workplace practices and an authentic relationship approach, bridging all sectors to enable sustainable employment outcomes.  Resulting learning networks between core services, community, government and industry facilitate the team’s ability to deliver tailored, co-designed and co-delivered community and industry employability, recruitment retention, and cultural intelligence training.

Underpinning Lorelle’s track record is a Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Services Marketing, Post Graduate Diploma in HR and Industrial Relations, Bachelor Arts (Honours), Myers Briggs® Step I™ and Step II™ Certified II, Community Engagement Essentials Cert I and currently completing a Cert IV in Community Services


Daniela Lopez

Social Media Manager(Volunteer)

Daniela is a University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from her home country Mexico.

Daniela brings vast experience by working for many international companies in her home country of Mexico. She came to Australia to expand her knowledge throughout different courses in Business, Project Management and Digital Marketing.

At home she was taught that helping others was the key to find inner happiness and that is why she has always had a passion for the well-being. Daniela believes in people and that when working together we can create the greatest of things for the betterment of the society.


Natasha De Almeida

Secretary and admin (Part time and volunteer)

Natasha is the face of the organisation, welcoming visitors, clients and partners every day with a smile – she is Africause’s office secretary and administrator. She ensures all our clients, particularly those with refugee experiences are provided high-quality assistance and care. Natasha makes their journey at Africause pleasant and inclusive. She has over 30 years of experience in administration, customer service and building community trust and relationships. Without Natasha (and other office staff) Africause could not survive and thrive.

Natasha coordinates and organises our adult volunteer English classes and tutors clients with homework and other activities. She also provides administrative support for Africause’s Board and helps organise and coordinate our external events and annual Iftar dinner with 70+ guests.

Natasha has spent her career in customer and client service, beginning in the private sector (Telstra), moving to government (Metlink) and now the not for profit sector. She holds a Certificate IV in Business Administration, qualifications in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and Teaching Adult Migrants English Program (AMEP). She has volunteered in Columbia teaching English and also volunteers regularly with her local Rotary Club.


Khaled Messoudi

Youth Employment facilitator (Part time and volunteer)

Khaled is currently the leading the JVEN project, which is the division of Africause (AAMEYS) responsible providing employment support services, especially helping people with pathways to a desired career.

Khaled graduated from RMIT with honours in International Business. Notably, Khaled worked for Vodafone as a managing Director for four years and in 2015, founded the Ascent Football Academy, providing pathways for young and emerging Soccer talent, to play in the Hyundai A-League and Asia League.

Khaled’s social skills, friendly approach and network makes the disengaged young people, particularly “youth from juvenile justice and adult offenders coming from prison” to connect with their communities and commence their new journey with confidence. Last year Khaled achieved a record employment (178 young people) support for members of the local communities with the JVEN project. Africause become the go to for members of the local communities for employment and other justice related support in the Western suburb, because of Khaled.


Mrs. Fathi Hassan staff and volunteer

Immigration registration agent

(MARN 1909782) (Part time and volunteer)

Mrs Fathi Hassan is a very energetic young mother with children. She is originally from Somalia arrived in Australia as a child.

A very prominent and successful woman in her family life, personal and as a member of the Somali community a good role model. She graduated from Victoria University in Immigration law and currently working as an immigration agent (MARN 1909786). She worked in different field including TELSTRA (TSA GROUP), CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SALES AGENT, (2016 – 2017); Howard kingham lodge, in 2005; and Glandale Age Care Facility in management in 2008 2010. A very friendly with big smile welcoming visitors, you don’t need to know her, with one visit you become familiar, as if you know her for years.  She is a good communicator with very understandable patience.

With very strong personality and high professional integrity, he is a role for young mothers, that family and work balance. As a woman, she has been a good role model for many young girls from the Horn of Africa and African communities in the western suburb.


Mr. Jemal Ahmed Hagos

Administration and Supporting New Refugee Arrival

(Part time and volunteer)

Mr. Jemal has Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He is a refugee from Eritrea and he was made refugee at his early age.

He fled to Ethiopia and he created self-support business in the Refugee camp in Ethiopia and funded himself to move to Addis Abeba. He joined the university and again, funded himself to complete his bachelor degree. He moved to Egypt and worked as translator and Eritrean refugee case writer and also worked as money remittance business owner to provide refugee access to their relatives to receive financial support from around the world in Egypt. Mr. Jemal and his wife self-funded for the Australian Humanitarian Community Pilot project cases. He is creative and innovative to survive in odd situations. He prepares drafts refugee cases for migration agents and supported women and children with language barrier in refugee camps. Jemal is a survivor and self-made young man with great potential. Currently, Jemal is studying migration law at Victoria University.


Adisa Festic

Volunteer admin staff and event organiser (volunteer)

Adisa as a volunteer worked with Africause for over a year and she was liked by many of our visitors as a front face of the organisation in Admin.

She demonstrated excellent character though her contribution and activities within our community and her participation supported good causes in humanity including the homeless dinner and lunch organised every year, and other activities include the different workshops at VU Metro west with community members and mainstream. Adisa has been very valuable members of our communities, particularly as mainstream Aussie, her friendly communication for many new arrivals has been a sign of very welcoming Australia.

Adisa is very generous, sensitive to other people’s needs and cares a lot about disadvantaged women and youth, Africause is honoured to be Adisa as a volunteer staff.

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Mr. Byron Price

Youth Engagement Worker (Volunteer)

Byron has over 30 years of experience in the Correctional sector in the United States, starting with Residential Housing Assistance, Pre-trial Release, Juvenile Detention and Adult Parole.

He has worked as a Behavioural Specialist within schools. Since coming to Australia, Byron has been involved with offenders on probation, consulted with various Aboriginal sectors, interacted with the African-Australian community. He has been able to observe the disadvantages which lie within the African-Australian youth community and has a strong desire to assist in providing them with an opportunity for a better future. The time spent in this field has allowed Byron to gain relevant qualifications integral to furthering his dedication and support to the community. He is also very aware of the positive impact of engaging youth in physical activity and coaches African-Australian basketball teams.