Dr. Berhan Ahmed

CEO and Board member

Dr. Berhan Ahmed, is the CEO of Africause (previously known as African Australian Multicultural Employment and Youth Services, adjunct Professor at the University of Melbourne, Victorian Australian of the year 2009 and ex-Australian Institute of Company directors member, ex-Victoria Police Human Right committee members and founder and ex-chairperson of the African Think Tank (ATT) in Australia, ex-chief editor of the ATT focus E-magazine and current editor of Fresh Voice News Bulletin; ex-Board member of Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre; and well-known to many Africans residing in Australia, through his commitment to numerous community issues via main stream media and community media and community activities. First African Australian Senate Candidate for federal election 2004 for Victoria. Elected as chairperson on 19 March 2006 for the African Think Tank as a pick African organisation and served as the advocate of human rights and refugee settlement in Australia for African refugees, Refugees committee (1997 – 2005), and being board member of the Australian Multicultural Education Services (AMES) 2007 – 2016.

Dr Ahmed is motivated by five core principles – social justice, sustainability development, Aboriginal reconciliation, building stronger and dynamic communities and applying democracy in action. His current leadership role will explore new ways of engaging disadvantaged youth and their families participation, decision and eliminate the culture of cover up and continued hostility and lack of co-operation among community members. The African communities will also engage with other communities to create harmony and good image of our continent in Australia.

Dr Ahmed first priority is to make Victorian diverse multicultural society a strong, dynamic and a show case “yard stake” society in Australia and around the world. A community that values its heritage while embracing multiculturalism, tolerance, respects and cares for each other. The challenges are enormous and will be faced with happiness, community member’s consultation, talents and team work of the leadership.  This stems from his own life experience; memories of being a refugee as a teen age (1978), discriminated, entrenched in poverty and treated as enemy before he knew what an enemy mean; this stand in sharp contrast to the dignity and love that he received from his family and from his adopted country Australia.

Dr Ahmed, said “My job as a leader is to help others achieve their full potential, and also want to see community members engaged actively in shaping their own futures with a confidence that comes from a sense of pride of their identity and respect and trust of each other. I hope in doing so, community members to place emphasis on local and national issues and provide moral and financial support to all youth in Juvenile justice, the homeless, and refugees regardless of their religion, tribe, race, skin color, political membership, gender, age, income, education level etc. I will not be a mouthpiece of either the government or the opposition, but I will support any youth to participate and practice his/her democratic rights within any political, social, economic, cultural and sport activities.

Alexandra Hancox

Alexandra Hancox

Executive Assistant 

Alexandra Hancox, a dedicated professional, currently serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Africause. Her unwavering commitment lies in fostering positive change and sustainable development across the African community.

In her role as Executive Assistant, Alexandra plays a pivotal part in supporting the organization’s leadership team. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional organisational skills, she adeptly manages calendars, coordinates travel arrangements, and ensures seamless communication between the executive team and various stakeholders. Her commitment to maintaining confidentiality and handling sensitive information with discretion underscores her dedication to Africauses’ mission.

Beyond administrative tasks, Alexandra actively contributes to the organisation’s initiatives by assisting in project management and facilitating the smooth execution of special projects. She takes immense pride in being an integral part of a team that is passionate about creating lasting impact in education, social justice, disadvantaged youth, and community development throughout the African community.

Her unique blend of skills enables her to navigate the challenges of a dynamic not-for-profit environment. For Alexandra, working at Africause is more than just a job; it’s a commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities across the African community. She is grateful for the opportunity to contribute her skills and passion to an organisation dedicated to positive and sustainable change. Together with the Africause team, she eagerly anticipates continuing their journey toward a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Arie Moses

Arie Moses

Grants Manager


Arie has over 35 years experience in Small Business and Community Work having ran 2 businesses and supported over 1000 business start ups in that time. Arie has extensive community work, having worked with recently arrived migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in various areas for over 10 years.


Keletso Magano-Niebling (MEDL)

Youth Education and Employment Projects Manager and Board Secretary (part-time)

Kel Niebling holds a Masters in Educational Leadership Queensland University Technology, Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Deakin University, and Diploma in Community Services from CMC Training at Work.

Born in South Africa, Kel migrated to Australia 1999 working extensively in Early Childhood Education Leadership. Kel has held roles ranging from School Liaison Manager, Youth and Kids program leader, kindergarten teacher, preschool music teacher and childcare director for over twenty years.

During this time Kel has also applied her lived experience and professional skills to voluntarily work with African youths and parents as community engagement leader, coach and mentor and is Africause Board Secretary.

Kel’s significant professional education experience and qualifications, coupled with ability to rapidly build trust through her deep lived experience of culturally and linguistic diversity enables the creation of lasting positive connections and outcomes with education sectors, community, and disengaged youths.


Mukarram Mohammed

Support worker (Staff)

Mukarram holds a Master of Information and Technology degree in Computer Networking from the University of Ballarat and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Communication from Jawaharlal Nehru University. His educational background, coupled with his extensive professional experiences, equips him with a well-rounded skill set to contribute effectively to the Africause community.

In terms of personal attributes, Mukarram demonstrates strong people management and leadership skills, as well as excellent interpersonal skills. He has proven his ability to follow instructions efficiently while also being self-directed. His exceptional time management and multitasking abilities, developed through his parallel management of work and academics, make him an organized and flexible team member. Moreover, Mukarram’s fluency in English, Urdu, and basic Arabic allows him to effectively communicate with a diverse range of individuals within the community.

Mukarram’s passion for contributing to the growth and sustainability objectives of Africause aligns well with the organization’s mission to support African-Australian young people and their families. His skills and experience make him an invaluable community helper, dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Anthony Pararajasingham

Anthony Jayaraj Pararajasingham

IT Support Officer, Frontend Web Developer and Web Administrator

Anthony, a holder of a Bachelor of Information Technology degree in Network and Computer Systems, has recently achieved his Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping from Victoria University.

His professional background includes working at PROTECQ ICT Solutions, where he focused on providing field technical support services across various industries. Furthermore, Anthony operated a sole proprietorship named JAYPCTECH IT Services. His primary focus was troubleshooting laptop problems and optimizing laptop performance for his customers.

Anthony is characterized by his excellent demeanor, quiet and friendly attitude, and strong potential for growth within the IT industry. His experience encompasses on-site work, computer hardware and software rollouts, office setup, network troubleshooting, and website development and administration. He maintains a relaxed and easy-going rapport with customers and colleagues while quietly achieving results.

Anthony’s personal attributes include keen observational skills, effective memorization, and the ability to apply acquired knowledge to his work. Furthermore, he adeptly handles multiple tasks, conducting thorough research and planning to successfully complete projects and technical support requests.

Anthony demonstrates a strong commitment to assisting individuals who visit Africause, while also actively engaging in company affairs. His dedication to supporting others and contributing to the organization’s success is commendable.


Abdalla Geberabi

Community Support member

Abdalla Geberab is community support worker at Africause.

Abdalla Geberab is a community support worker at Africause. He became engaged in the community service industry while he was a student in his home country, Eritrea. He helped his late father in his public service office.

After completing his academic studies, he joined the education sector as a volunteer, helping students with their homework and assisting teachers. In a financial institute, he worked in the client admin department, gaining extensive experience in serving customers.

When he migrated to Australia, he discovered that serving the community was his passion and could provide significant value to the community. He attended various courses related to the community, acquiring certificates and licenses, and is currently pursuing higher certificates to further develop his skills. Given that Australia is a country with people from different backgrounds, Abdalla expanded his community knowledge to better serve the community.

Joining Africause was a significant step towards strengthening his connection with the community. This role involves working with and listening to the people. He understood the importance of supporting Australians of African backgrounds as a way to contribute to the community. One of the contributions he has made to the community is providing guidance to new arrivals regarding education, employment, and settlement.


Khaled Messoudi

Youth Employment facilitator (Part time and volunteer)

Khaled is currently the leading the JVEN project, which is the division of Africause (AAMEYS) responsible providing employment support services, especially helping people with pathways to a desired career.

Khaled graduated from RMIT with honours in International Business. Notably, Khaled worked for Vodafone as a managing Director for four years and in 2015, founded the Ascent Football Academy, providing pathways for young and emerging Soccer talent, to play in the Hyundai A-League and Asia League.

Khaled’s social skills, friendly approach and network makes the disengaged young people, particularly “youth from juvenile justice and adult offenders coming from prison” to connect with their communities and commence their new journey with confidence. Last year Khaled achieved a record employment (178 young people) support for members of the local communities with the JVEN project. Africause become the go to for members of the local communities for employment and other justice related support in the Western suburb, because of Khaled.

Yasseen Musa

Community Partnership and Homework Support (Volunteer)

Sport portfolio. Community representative; Driving Instructor​
Yasseen arrived Australia 30 years ago and since that time he worked hard to lobby the Australian government to get African refugees to Australia under humanitarian program.

He has been volunteering for community in multifaceted areas since then. Some of Yasseen recent significant work includes:

  • Yasseen is the current Multicultural Community Ambassador for AFL. He was recognised by AFL as Multicultural Community Ambassador of the Year 2013 for his support to AFL and African Community.
  • Yasseen currently leads the community safety group to evening & night foot patrolling/walk with Victoria Police & African community members in the Flemington, Kensington, North Melbourne Housing Estates, Stations, flats, main roads in the local area. This has made the local area safe and trust on police has increased from the community.
  • In year 2012 Yaseen established Team Africa footy team and they played at harmony cup which is a footy tournament played between 12 different ethnic backgrounds and also played at unity cup.
  • Yasseen has played the key role to link the African community members and Victoria Police and help maintain excellent relationship between police and African communities across Melbourne.
  • Yasseen has assisted as the first community group to organise the Cultural Food Project with Victoria Police and African community where cultural food is shared between police and African community members at Flemington police station.
  • For his behind the scene volunteer work Yasseen has been honoured with prestigious John H. Kerr (Silent Achievers) community service award from Rotary Club of Footscray
  • Yasseen performed as one of the actors (father) in the movie, “Falling for Saharah”. This movie has rated top 10 in Melbourne Film festival 2012, (please see the You Tube below).
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Abbaas Abuukar-modified

Abaas Abukar

Africause Cultural Worker (Volunteer)

Mr. Abaas Abukar is Africause cultural worker of Somali background.

Abaas arrived in Australia in 2003 with his family. He is a father of 11 children and 8 grandchildren. Abaas is a very friendly man with great potential leadership in multicultural communities. During Lockdown Abaas with his smile and friendship skills helped many mothers and children with Africause food package delivery supported by Victorian government and our partners Igniting change and showing solidarity to our Africause community during lockdown. His smiling face has brought happiness to many stressed families in housing commission flats and other families in western suburbs who have been isolated with their children. Abaas was one of Africause’s social workers who helped those families with food, toys, games and furniture.


Fathi Yasin Hassan

MARA Registered number: 1909782 (Volunteer)

Fathi Hassen is a remarkable individual with a wealth of experience and skills. Her role as a mother, combined with her expertise as a registered migration agent, nurse, and Somali language translator, reflects her deep commitment to helping others. Nejma’s exceptional social skills and ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds make her a valuable asset to our multicultural society.