WDP Application Form

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Fines Reform Act 2017

In accordance with section 3 of the Fines Reform Act 2017, an ‘eligible person’ for a Work and Development Permit (WDP) is a person who is served with an infringement notice and who:

  • has a mental or intellectual disability, disorder or illness;
  • has an addiction to drugs, alcohol or volatile substances; or
  • is experiencing homelessness; or
  • is experiencing acute financial hardship;
  • is a victim of family violence

Evidence of this must be available on request and forwarded to Accelerated Evolution – The Break Inc. at the time of your application to the WDP program.

You will need to initially read the eligibility criteria document below before filling out the WDP Form and download the Consent forms and fill out and send it.

  1. Download the WDP Permit guidelines below

2. Download the WDP Consent Form below