African Football Awards 2019

December 2019 the first group of Australian African Referees & Accredited Coaches have completed training to become referees and coaches. The same event we celebrated our first mixed Champion Team. It was an honour and really humbling experience to have driven these projects this year. None of this would have come to life if it was not for the many who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

Would love to thank Football Victoria and President of FV  Kimon Taliadoros, my brother in arms Nick Hatzoglou and the team from Football Victoria for coming to the table and supporting this initiative. Thanks to HakeemAl-Araibi for coming and supporting fellow refugees making a positive difference. Also would like to thank our organisation AAMEYS who are rebranding to “Africause”, the chairman Phil Broker, the CEO Dr Berhan Ahmed and all the supportive Board members of Africause for mentoring me and always encouraging me to be better each day. To  our friend Parsuram Sharma-Luital JP, we love you and appreciate your passionate support.

Big thanks to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, especially to Asmeena their Principal and Mabior for giving us their 21st floor to host the Awards Ceremony and their support which we really appreciate. Special thanks to Labour MP Katie who came to support us that day.

To everyone who participated, I salute you all You guys made it feel more like fun than ground breaking work! So many names to mention, I will personally be calling all of you to say thank you for coming to support us.

Special thanks to our partners and brothers in arms, Tom Yabio from Football Empowerment and thanks to Sabban Gould who helped us MC’ing for that day.

We took our first steps as a people and community to announce ourselves as contributors not only on as players, but as referees, coaches, and administrators of The Beautiful Game. We will keep working until one day our national team s as good as the World Champions France . Multiculturalism is the key

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