To support and facilitate an engaged African-Australian community in all areas of life – Socio-Cultural / Economic / sport / Political and build their resilience as active citizens where they are directly involved in identifying and managing solutions to impediments to their full participation as members of the broader Australan society


To Connect, Communicate, Coordinate, Collaborate, Create and Celebrate with the diverse Australian community for a more positive and inclusive Australian society


Africause’s mission is to facilitate greater engagement with youth and families through a range of partnerships with entities such as youth specific organizations, education providers, and employers. Primarily to enable the realisation of sustainable development goals (No.3, 4 & 8) young people despite the journey families took to arrive in Australia (refugees, or migrant).

  • Healthy and well-being
  • Quality education, ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote life long learning opportunities for all
  • Promotion of, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

key priorities

1. Advocacy particularly in areas of – Education & information to enable equitable access


2. Participation in labour market – Providing information on Australian work culture and expectation

– Engaging employers willing to engage youth with  no Australian work experience

– Providing information on regulatory and legislative requirements for mothers (small business entrepreneurs)


3. Minimising contact with the Criminal Justice System

– Applied Human rights and responsibilities, education and information (youth and families to minimise re-offending and restorative justice)

– Supporting young people in detention to enable cultural connections/options post release


A holistic and comprehensive community building approach addressing the following 7 key areas:

1. Employment and Entrepreneurship

2. Education and Youth Development

3. Human Rights and Responsibilities (particularly justice and equity for youth and families)

4. Community Engagement

5. Family Violence Prevention and Intervention

6. Health and Healthy Families

7. Arts, Culture, History, and Media/Communications

8. General counselling

9. Professional advice for preparing and communicating appropriately for opportunities

our guiding principle inclusiveness

• Respect

• Empowerment

• Collaboration

• Equality

• Integrity

• Compassion